John Rinkenbaugh

John Rinkenbaugh

Owner / Operator

Phone: (239) 225-0234


Run Florida On McGregor owner John Rinkenbaugh is a life-long runner who first made mark as a top high school runner in the state of Kansas. While running at the University of Kansas, he had the good fortune to train alongside world record holder Jim Ryun. John chronicled Ryun’s career in a critically acclaimed documentary, “Jim Ryun: America’s Greatest Miler.”

John, a certified RRCA distance coach, has coached multiple state champions at the high school level as well as elite distance runners over the last 25 years. He even coached his then novice running wife, Tatyana, to a Boston Marathon qualifier in 18 short months.

Run Florida On McGregor allows “Rink” to devote all of his time and passion to distance running and track and field.