Coach Mike’s Answers to
Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I get headaches when I run. Should I find a different form of exercise?

A. No. Don’t give up on running. Hydrate. Headaches are common sign of dehydration. Push the fluids. Water is good, but if this is a common problem for you, supplement with electrolyte tablets or pills. I prefer the tablets to sport drinks. They have no sugar to weigh you down, just good stuff to keep you running.

Q. I’m trying to beat my P.B. Any tips to help me shave off some time?

A. Yes! The easiest way to improve time has nothing to do with training. Just cut your tangents. What I mean by that, is stick to the inside curves on the course. Anticipate where the turns will be ahead of time and move over. Don’t run further than you have to.

Q. My feet feel tingling when I run. Do I need to see a doctor?

A. No. Your shoes are most likely too small. A runner should wear a ½ to full size larger than their every day shoe. Our feet swell when we run. Give your toes some space.

Q. I’m new to the sport. Should I wait to shop at a specialty store until I improve?

A. Absolutely not. You should shop at running specific store because you are new to the sport. Specialty shops are owned and staffed by running experts and people that love the sport. We will help you find the right shoes and gear to help you avoid injury. We can help you avoid many of the common running mistakes we have already made. This is the best time to find a running store!

Q. There are so many models of shoes on the market. How do I know what will be best for my feet?

A. Stop in and see us. Bring in your old shoes so that we can take a look at the wear pattern. Then we’ll have you try on shoes and watch you take a run. We will be able to determine your foot needs and fit you in the correct pair. Any troubles down the road, stop back and we will make an adjustment.

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